More Warden, Dezzy and Sin family photo.

You know I won’t take pictures with your father since the divorce >:c

More Warden x Dezzy pweeese :3

Warden I know that’s you.

Today I’m ganna start exercising to lose weight.

My aunt agreed that if I lost a couple of pounds I can get a binder and she won’t  say anything about it even though she doesn’t really approve or understand 

Commission for harvest-pony!

If a baby bunny came up to you then pulled out its arms in hug pose. What would you do?

Whisper “my son has returned…” and cuddle the heck outta it.

Commission for dudebros-biggest-fan of his transgirl pony character!

Was that a Rifts reference in the latest Areo Swift? do you play it?

I don’t, but Mastermod does. He wrote that update’s script and writes the lines for his character ( Warden/Aero’s dad).

Aero’s reaction was pretty much the same as mine when Warden was first describing the magic to me lol.

All slots have been filled!

Thank you everyone that messaged me I’m ganna get to work now.

Dezzy, why sometimes Bunny's eyes have those heart shapes while other times they have round spots?

They’ve only been round once in the times I’ve drawn them I think.